Waking Up: The Mind’s Eye

by Oct 28, 2018Featured

“The Wright Brothers couldn’t have invented the airplane without having faith that humans could fly.

To stop war we must first imagine peace.

To eliminate poverty, we must first imagine abundance.

To paint a masterpiece, we must imagine beauty.

To change, to make a fresh start, and
To live up to our highest fullest potential,
We must not only imagine
A better future for ourselves,
But imagine it over and over
At each step of the way,
Knowing that the sun still  exists,
Even though it is night.”¬†

Naomi Hoshimo Horii

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Naomi Hoshino Horii, Director/Chief Laugh-er


NAOMI-HOSHIMO-HORIINaomi is a writer, healer, intuitive, and teacher. She has made it her mission to share her knowledge and experience because energy work has changed her life and she wishes to share the joy with others.
She runs an intuitively and astrologically based matchmaking business called Quintessent Connections to help people meet partners in their life path, be it romantic partners, business partners, nannies and families, roommates, and more.
She studied massage with Dr. Qi Zhang,former doctor and massage therapist for the Chinese Olympic Team, and Shogo Mochizuki, anma master. Her healing teachers include Michael Tamura, one of the great healers and laughers of all time.

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