Tribute to Barbara Marx Hubbard

by May 15, 2019Barbara Marx Hubbard, Featured

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I remember the movie Gandhi and what Richard Attenborough said in the very beginning, that it is almost impossible to adequately detail the life of such a powerful soul in a movie. What they could do was be true to the “essence” of the man. I have read many of the comments made about our beloved Barbara since her passing and realize that there is no way to truthfully document the detail of her life in a brief tribute but I will do my best to be true to describing the essence of the woman who became one of our dearest friends and indeed a member of our family.

1929 – April 10, 2019

Barbara was formidable, passionate, and unswerving in her effort to get the “New Story” out to the masses. She, in her own way, was a genius. She had the extraordinary ability to speak of the deepest concepts known to humanity in such a way as to completely disarm a person who might otherwise find it challenging to explore “beyond the box” of one’s own beliefs. One of the ways she would do this is with that brilliant and contagious laugh of hers. She would make a statement of unlimited depth that would cause one’s mind to expand beyond familiar limits and before a person had time to realize what was happening, she would throw her head back and laugh. In this way, she created a safe space for a person to move into a higher frequency that allowed for more of the Universe’s wisdom to come pouring in.

When Barbara and I met, we recognized each other in a instant. Each of us having been given specific visions for helping humanity move fully into the reality of an emerging new species, she said that what I had seen was the next level of what she had been given. For years I have known that the vision I had been given of the Interstellar Universities and surrounding communities and the role they are meant to play in sustaining a higher level of consciousness allowing humanity to be a mature participant in a cosmic community, could not be fully realized and succeed unless the whole of the human consciousness shifted at a very fundamental level into a higher vibrational field. Barbara’s vision to create an environment where all of humanity could evolve and awaken to its becoming an “emerging new species” was the piece I intuited but had no idea how it would happen until she and I met two years ago.
Since that time, Barbara made several trips to our home to explore the depth of what we each had been given. It was during one of these frequent visits that she made the comment, “I have had many houses but I have never felt at home, until now.” What my husband John and I realized is that carrying visions of the size that she and I both were given, being the visionary can be a lonely road. The judgments and criticisms that come can be many but if one is carrying a true vision, as we both believed the other was doing, then there is no choice but to move forward and “keep on keeping on” as Edgar Mitchell shared at one point…doing it all with as much love as possible.
Barbara was in our home just before we took off for Peru, where we were when she passed. She had so wanted to be on this trip with us (John, Lawrence Bloom, Juan Carlos Kaiten and myself) as we were meeting with Sixto Paz Wells and one of her dearest heart’s desires was to make shared contact. We were in the desert the night before she passed and all of us were clear that she had somehow found a way to be with us afterall. Her presence now is stronger than ever and I’ve no doubt that moving forward into the next steps of what we have been given to do will occur with great clarity and love. And I’m certain we’ll hear her laugh from time to time.
She is with us all now, able to guide and love each of us in whatever you and we have said yes to, as together we help humanity mature and move into the next and higher level of consciousness.  (Visit her website to enjoy her work, books and DVDs –
Thank you, Barbara. You gave all of us such amazing gifts. You are our dear and beloved friend.
Jeanne White Eagle Pehrson
* Barbara Marx Hubbard, the beloved author and visionary, has died at the age of 89. Hubbard’s sad passing was announced on a Caring Bridge page that had been set up to update fans on the author’s health and condition. The last update on the page said that Hubbard had been taken off of life support at around 4:30 p.m. local time in Colorado on April 10. Hubbard’s time of death was given as 6:30 p.m.  (