SIXTO PAZ WELLS – Meeting in Peru – April 2019

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April 2019




Purpose of trip, to meet SIXTO PAZ WELLS

The visit to Peru was undertaken by Jeanne White Eagle, John Pehrson, Lawrence Bloom and Juan Carlos Kaiten Quintanilla. Our primary objective for the trip was to meet Sixto Paz Wells face-to-face. We had already met him and had conversations over the Internet but we wanted to spend quality time with him and forge a friendship and possible alliance with this special man.

It can be said that of all the many people in the world who have had experiences with extraterrestrials, Sixto Paz Wells may well be the gold standard. He is a man of high integrity and little ego who has had amazing experiences and connections with ETs who are also connected with the White Brotherhood, caretakers of the Earth. In Sixto Paz, we found a man who is very transparent. What you see is what you get.

We flew into Lima and stayed in the suburb of Miraflores while arranging to visit Sixto Paz Wells who lives in La Molina, about an hour’s drive away.

During our first meeting with Sixto, we also met his lovely wife Marina at the home that took them five years to build 27 years ago on desert land. Today, it is absolutely gorgeous with trees and lush plants and flowers. We felt an immediate bond with both Sixto and Marina.

Our first hours with Sixto reaped an extraordinary commitment from Sixto who agreed to be on our Interstellar Community Foundation’s Board of Advisors and help develop the curriculum for the first Interstellar University!

Sixto shared his insights on the Interstellar University. He said it would be a place that would be unique because it would liberate people. It would break through academic barriers and bring all manner of teachings to free the people’s minds and hearts, and to liberate their souls.

He also said that Australia would be a good place to build the first of these “Universities” – because of the deep connection of the Aborigines with the Star People. While on this topic he shared information that had been given to him through his ET connections that included history of how the Earth came to be inside the present timeline that in which it finds itself.

Desert Vigil: It was during this profound visit with Sixto that he took our group plus two of his long-time supporters into the Chilca desert to show us where his first contact had taken place 45 years ago. Here in this historic place he had stepped through a portal (called a Xendra) to find himself on Ganymede, one of the moons of Jupiter. He met his extraterrestrial guide there (called Oxalc), was shown a city of crystal over the course of three days and returned through the Xendra just minutes after he originally left. This amazing experience is described in detail in his book, The Invitation.

Throughout the night, with Sixto and his helpers, the four of us entered periods of meditation and did exercises to work with our energies and come into energetic communion. There were presences of the star beings that we and Sixto felt and reported. And yet, by midnight, nothing had happened that could be verified by our eyes. No ships had shown up. No Xendras had appeared. Nobody got beamed up. And then…

One of Sixto’s people received a transmission that said that Oxalc and the other guides knew we were there and had prepared some experiences for us that will unfold in the fulness of time.

Sixto told us, “This was your introduction. The Star Beings know who you are. Pay close attention over the next days and monitor your dreams.”

It was during this time spent with Sixto Paz Wells in the desert vigil that our close friend Barbara Marx Hubbard left her body and graduated into spirit. She had very much wanted to come with us to be with Sixto. At 89, the trek into the desert would have been too strenuous, but Barbara found a way to be with us anyway! She visited in her spirit body!

Though we didn’t see a craft with our physical eyes nor have an immediate conversation with an extraterrestrial “Emissary” who will help us move forward with the Eyes Open vision (of the Interstellar Universities), we knew something else had taken place, something important and necessary.  Sixto Paz said that we were being observed and that our time in the Chilca desert was about the “first step,” meaning we will be coming back soon. So rather than being a one-time event, it seems we may have just begun.

There is no doubt in any of our minds here, including Sixto’s, that our coming together is showing up for an appointment made eons ago. Our job now is to get ourselves mentally and physically ready for the contact experience when it does happen.

What is exciting is that the purpose of the Interstellar Universities and the surrounding communities (Universe Cities) is taking hold in the consciousness and it is only a matter of time before the first is built.

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Even though Lawrence had to leave for important business in London, Jeanne, John and Juan Carlos decided they couldn’t leave Peru without seeing this magical place. So, we flew into Cusco, a city that sits at 11,100 feet and is the staging area for the trip to Machu Picchu.

Machu Picchu is not for the faint of heart. First, to get there from Cusco requires a 2-hour bus ride to the train station, a 2-hour train ride to the town of Machu Picchu, and a 30-minute shuttle ride to the mountain.

To get to the mountaintop, you must climb what seems like a thousand very large steps up to the summit overlooking the ruins of the ancient 15th century (1450AD) Incan city of Machu Picchu. The climb is physically demanding, and it will highlight your age and fitness level. But experience it is well worth the effort.

Nobody knows the Quechua name of this ancient city, so it was named for the tallest mountain, Machu Picchu which means, “Old Mountain.” The pictures of the restored ancient city all include the mountain behind it called Waina Picchu which means, “Young Mountain.

As Juan Carlos and our small group climbed down more stairs to walk around the ruins, Jeanne and John were happy to stay at the higher, eagle’s eye vantage point and watch the group. The weather turned out to be perfect with no rain despite some threatening storm clouds that rolled in. Jeanne and John sat on a large stone against a rock wall where they meditated and sang spontaneous songs. Finally, spiritually filled with the view and the awesome energy of the place, we slowly made our descent.

We took the shuttle bus down to the town of Machu Picchu and had a nice dinner on the third floor of a restaurant overlooking the town square where there is a statue of an Incan King rising above a fountain. It is majestic. Children were playing in the square with mothers looking on. Very pleasant.

Jeanne admired the aquamarine-colored earrings of our waitress. A bit later, she came back and gave the earrings to Jeanne. It was a surprise. In response, Jeanne took off her small pearl earrings and gave them to the waitress. They hugged each other. It was a touching moment of cross-cultural friendship.

We caught the train to Ollantaytambo that left on the dot at 6:26pm. At our table of four, a local man with Incan heritage sat next to Juan Carlos and across from us. His name was Celio and was a 37-year-old travel guide and is a Quechua speaker. We had a very interesting conversation about an entire spectrum of subjects on the way back to Cusco. It was a perfect end to a perfect day.