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by Nov 8, 2018InterStellar, Links

H.O.P.E. Supportive Groups and Healing Circles

A H.O.P.E. Group is a safe place in which we come together to find wellness by sharing our stories and listening with open hearts and minds to the other stories in the room. We have a simple opening ritual that helps us bring our inner selves together – reading together the three pages (following a cover page) of a laminated document called “The Goldbook…” so–named because we chose to print it on “goldenrod” color paper. The next three pages are: the ten-phrase “H.O.P.E. Group Opening,” the twelve “Principles of Attitudinal Healing,” and the ten “H.O.P.E. Group Guidelines”. In this way, each meeting is responsible for the way it conducts itself.

In our H.O.P.E. Groups we learn the practice of compassion and the release of suffering – the engine of forgiving. Join us at one of our three locations in Maine to see for yourself what a differencea H.O.P.E. Group can make.