Journey For the One by Monty Joynes


JOURNEY OF THE ONE – BOOK – by Monty Joynes

Journey For The One

Journey For The One is a dramatic story that women will want to read and endorse, and that men will need to recognize and support.

The spiritual adventure story of an American couple, Jeanne White Eagle and John Pehrson, shows us how these two make a life-altering vision quest for peace across five continents, often to the most conflicted places on the planet. Their personal search for spiritual meaning and purpose begins with Native American sage Joseph Rael and then expands to Sai Baba in India, Rabbi David Baruch in Israel, and Zulu prophet Credo Mutwa in South Africa. What evolves in their journey is Jeanne White Eagle’s vision: the For the One Dance and the For the One World Youth Dance. Both are ceremonial singing dances that bring people together from all nationalities, religions, and political views to create an experience of interconnectedness. The miracle stories of these global cross-culture interactions are both numerous and significant. Here, too, is a vivid example of the Divine Feminine, the Goddess Energy that is emerging in the worldwide peace community.

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