James George / If Not Now, When?

by Nov 8, 2018InterStellar, Links



A diplomat is a harmonizer, requiring skills of wisdom, compassion, insight and vision. When combined with empathy and a deep spiritual practice, a diplomat can change worlds. This film is an example of one such diplomat: Canadian James George. Now, a 94 year old safe, he reflects back on a life of service in which his diplomatic work fused with a vision of the sacredness of life. As an activist, James George was instrumental in the early ecology movement, safe guarding oceans and natural habitats and he worked diligently at the UN and abroad to create a saner and more peaceful world. He is a student of many sacred traditions, while being a dedicated student of the Gurdjieff work for many decades. He and his wife Barbara are active teachers and peacemakers, serving as examples and mentors for many students.


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