Eyes Open Gathering in Sweden: 2019

by Aug 19, 2019Event News, Featured

Eyes Open Gathering in Sweden


“Joining Genius” was a favorite description and characteristic of the Emerging New Species of human as Barbara Marx Hubbard saw it. And this is exactly what occurred in Sweden earlier this month, when 24 people from 12 different countries showed up to create one of the most powerful and profound  Eyes Open Gatherings yet!!

The purpose of the particular Gathering was to bring together those who are somehow called to be part of manifesting the vision of the INTERSTELLAR UNIVERSITIES that I (and others) have seen (described in my “Eyes Open” book as “Universities and Interstellar Communication Centers or U/ICCs”). What occurred was beyond anything we could have imagined!

We knew that the depth of the coming together would produce creative results for moving the vision forward, which indeed happened. But what also took place, miraculously, was a deepening of a collective heart connection that moved the entire group into a frequency that has impacted everyone who attended so profoundly that “going back to the way things were” is no longer an option. The RESONANT FIELD that was created opened doors to the impossible becoming possible at a level that may have been hoped for but could not be predicted.

In a word, what occurred was an experience of what the entire new species of human has the potential for being, an experience of an empowering compassionate community, able to be in integrity with itself, be honest yet caring with itself, and one whose entire foundation is built on Love. All of this and more are the ingredients that will make up the new communities (UNIVERSE CITIES) and INTERSTELLAR UNIVERSITIES that will soon go up around our world. Once this happens, then the door to participating as a mature species in a cosmic interstellar community will be fully open!!

Thank you to Karin Fjällström and all who helped in the coordination of our time in Sweden. Your care to detail and accommodation was beyond measure and we are deeply grateful. Thank you to the Israeli Dream Team of Haghit RosenbergAnael Harpaz, and Irit Barber for your presence and extraordinary support. And thank you to all of you who “showed up and said yes.” We’re creating a new world here and to be on this journey with you is an honor! A blessing! And fun! The next Eyes Open Gatherings to take place are in Canada in October (19-26) and in Germany in January (19-25.) More details to come.

With great love,
Jeanne and John