Anneloes Smitsman / EARTHwise Centre

by Nov 8, 2018InterStellar, Links

Welcome to EARTHwise Centre

Our Planetary Wisdom to Thrive & Flourish!

Our mainstream educational, business, and governance systems do not cultivate competencies and leadership for our collective Thrivability. Instead, many of these systems promote imbalanced developments and fragmented relationships.

EARTHWise Centre was founded to shift this imbalance by catalyzing and developing the vision, leadership, and capabilities for the co-creation of a Thrivable world and future. We inspire organizations and people to raise their standards and learn how to act & lead from a place of love, wholeness, and wisdom.

Our unique online and in-person training courses, retreats, webinars, education, and coaching services have empowered and inspired thousands of people from around the world. We trained hundreds of business leaders and their teams in leadership wisdom, systemic innovation, value creation, corporate sustainability, whole-system transformation, and business thrivability. Through our Thrivability Education Programs we have trained over 300 teachers and supported over 20,000 students since 2012.

Our EARTHWise publications and stories support the co-creation of a New Narrative for our Humanity that is rooted from Wholeness, by honoring our Unity in Diversity.