The entire project is a result of a recurring dream had by Jeanne White Eagle, (also known as Jeanne Lane Pehrson) as described…

“What I believe I’ve been given is an actual way, a blueprint, if you will, to get from Point A to Point B … from our present moment in time to the reality of a future that is healthy, caring and self-sustaining … a future where human beings are not only caring for each other and all life on Earth, but are able to interact with life beyond our planet in a good way.”

– Jeanne White Eagle

Definition of Eyes Open Vision

The entire project is a result of a recurring dream had by Jeanne Lane Pehrson, also known as Jeanne White Eagle, described in detail in her book, Eyes Open, Looking for the Twelve – Blueprint for a New World

Jeanne White Eagle (Pehrson)

Here the educational component of the Vision is referred to as the University and Interstellar Communication Center (UICC), now called Interstellar Universities (ISUs). To help bring the overall vision of the Interstellar Universities into being, the Interstellar Community Foundation (ICF) was created.

The founders are Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Jeanne White Eagle and John Pehrson.

Our Founding Executive Board is honored to have Lawrence Bloom, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Michael Tribe, Juan Carlos Kaiten and Susan Manewich join our efforts as members of our ICF Board of Directors.

The purpose of this project is to help manifest the vision of the Interstellar Universities (ISUs) by creating a model of sustainable learning and living as a prototype for the future that will, over time, influence the development of global culture by accelerating the evolution of human consciousness and creating an environment where Direct Contact with species not from Earth, can take place overtly, where ongoing interaction and relations become the norm. And in this restore the knowledge of our interconnectivity with all life on this planet and beyond.

Our present focus is on education, research and support.

In addition to incorporating traditional methodologies for learning, observing and interpreting the world, the ICF educational system will draw upon ancient wisdom traditions, and incorporate methodologies, processes and modes of learning designed to expand the consciousness and cultivate the whole person.

The Interstellar Community Foundation, with the help of dedicated people, seeks to create an environment that will sustain a resonant field of deep connection, understanding, love, and mutual support in the daily life of our Communities of the Future. 

The INTERSTELLAR COMMUNITY FOUNDATION (ICF) was created to help manifest a vision given to Jeanne White Eagle in a recurring dream had over a period of more than two decades. Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, one of the founders of the ICF, described Jeanne’s vision as a “how to” blueprint for the higher development of humanity, preparing it for its role in the survival and evolution of all life on Earth, and the eventual open communication and interaction with life beyond our planet.

By establishing the vision’s cradle-to-grave educational system, unlike any the world has known, with the surrounding “Communities of the Future,” the goal of “shifting global culture by accelerating the evolution of Human Consciousness” can be reached.


The vision has been described in detail in Jeanne’s book:

Eyes Open, Looking for the Twelve – Blueprint for a New World.


We encourage you to engage with us as we are looking for those of you around the world who believe you may be part of this vision. There is much work to be done. And like it or not, we’re all on this little planet together, and the time for Humankind to wake up and move into a more mature and higher state of consciousness is now!

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