a Blueprint for a new world

“Humanity is now at the brink of having to make a choice. Either we change or disappear. Clearly, we are inside a birthing process of a new dimension and an expanded awareness of consciousness. What an extraordinary time to be alive.”

– Jeanne White Eagle

we’ve been given a blueprint

“What I believe I’ve been given is an actual way, a blueprint, if you will, to get from Point A to Point B; from our present moment in time to the reality of a future that is healthy, caring and self-sustaining, a future where human beings are not only caring for each other and all life on Earth, but are able to interact with life beyond our planet in a good way.”
~Jeanne White Eagle~

our mission


The Interstellar Community Foundation (ICF) is dedicated to accelerating the evolution of human consciousness and to weaving together a critical mass of people to spark a transformative shift in our globalized culture.

We envision creating a global Network of InterStellar Universities (ISU) and communities (Universe-Cities) in strategic locations around the planet. Their purpose is to provide humanity with the necessary tools, skills and consciousness to grow into our cosmic nature and serve as an Interstellar Communications Center to interact with civilizations beyond our planet.

Our global network of local communities will prototype and enable all emerging technologies and social cohesion processes to embrace a new planetary and universal consciousness, leading us to live in harmony with nature and the principles that sustain life in the universe.

ICF board of directors

Dr. Edgar D. Mitchell

Founding Member (Posthumous)

Jeanne White Eagle (Pehrson)

Jeanne White Eagle

Founding Member & Visionary

Jeanne White Eagle (Pehrson)

John B. Pehrson

Founding Member

news and updates

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